Project PISE

The PISE project, which has evolved over time, currently focuses on the training of skilled health care workers in Equatorial Guinea to provide an adequate number of specialists in the areas of greatest need.

In August 2012, we held the first Medical Health and Sciences Congress, a conference involving 15 specialists with different areas of expertise. Attendance included 150 people and each conference sessions averaged an attendance of 60 people. For the first time in this country’s history, we televised surgeries directly to classrooms where the speakers and attendees could talk about the surgeries while they were in progress.

In June 2013, we held the second Medical Health and Sciences Congress in collaboration with 26 Spanish specialists. This congress was designed to emphasize the integration of patient care and health care education as a result of input from the 2012 +Q1 Seed project.

The primary purpose of this second congress was to bring together Spanish medical professionals, Guinean medical professionals from the Bata Regional Hospital and students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE). Motivation to host this congress came from the Guinean medical professionals and students who wanted to receive education in a variety of areas.

Afterwards we held the third and the fourth Medical Health and Sciences Congress.

In the next videos we introduce you to this project.