Criteria of the PAMI project

Regarding the PAMI project, we evaluate every case individually. Nevertheless following a priori criteria exist, which every potential case ought to fulfil for that he or she will receive a treatment in Spain:

  • The patient has to suffer from a severe or invariable illness, whose treatment can not, under no circumstances be carried out in the particular home country.
  • The patient has to have a complete diagnosis at his disposal which includes a medical report and the probes' photos made during the diagnosis( TAC, X-Ray photographs, echocardiograms, echographics, etc.)
  • The patient's case ought to be a potentially curable case (transplantation patients and chronic cancer patients or cancer patients who need a long term chemotherapy are excluded).
  • The patient ought to be able to return to his or her country after the treatment (those illnesses and treatments which require the patient to stay in Spain for reasons of the type or follow-up treatments are excluded).
  • The patient has to be accompanied by a related person who is willing to accompany him or her during the journey (only one companion per patient), to take on the care during the entire process and to take on responsibility on medical decisions. In case of minors, the companion will always be the guardian.
  • In case of death, the companion is not to demand the repatriation of the corps.
  • The patient and his or her companion have to be obliged to return to the country of origin after the treatment.
  • If a chronic medical treatment after the surgical treatment is required (pills, etc.) and it is at disposal in the patient's country, the patient has to oblige him/herself to get it, taking all costs if they are reasonable. The idea is to minimize lifelong dependency or paternalism.
  • The patient and his or her family ought to try to pay the travelling expanses to Spain.