Helping Saturnino start a new life

Saturnino was stricken with cancer and requires treatment for the rest of his life. In order to raise money to help him return to his home in Benin and begin life anew, one of our member volunteers organized a fund raising event in Palma de Mallorca. It included a variety of activities: polishing stones, decorating shoes, basketball, football (soccer), storytelling, massage, intercultural instruments and belly dancing.

Many families participated in the event and enjoyed the activities. They also sold food and created a small market where they sold pictures Saturnino had drawn, photographs donated by a professional photographer and African handcrafts and products.

They also auctioned several items, including t-shirts from the Barcelona and Mallorca soccer teams (signed by the players), another t-shirt from Rafa Nadal, three works of art and several other items donated by local businesses.

Saturnino shared about his life and illness. It was a very emotional experience and he was encouraged by the love and support he received from all who attended and who committed to helping him. There was a generous outpouring of support to help Saturnino to return home.

Saturnino, we will never forget you and we will continue praying for you knowing that God will continue to do great things in your life because we have seen Him do great things up until now.