Más que Salud in the National Congress of SEORL

The coordinator of the project Más que Palabras, Guillem Viscasillas, has presented the campaign during the meeting, which received it well and valued it positively.


The NGO Más que Salud has been present at the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Cervical Facial Pathology (SEORL), held on October 22nd. The coordinator of the campaign Más que Palabras, Guillem Viscasillas, presented the project during the meeting, which has been well received and positively valued by the board of directors of the Commission for Social Action and International Cooperation of the entity.

The commission, created in 2017, brings together different national initiatives focused on international cooperation and also promotes actions to support these projects. For example, the platform has created a pool of specialists in otolaryngology interested in collaborating in cooperation and has made it available to different NGOs so that they can find volunteers for their campaigns. Among the short-term objectives is the creation of a fund to provide financial aid to organizations and their campaigns.

Other organizations that have presented their solidarity projects have participated in the congress, as well as foundations such as GAES Solidaria or Amplifon Ibérica, which collaborates with Más que Salud. An opportunity to establish contact, disseminate NGO projects and open doors for possible future collaborations.