Arcel's story

We would like to introduce you to Arcel, a six year’ old boy that was urgently brought to Spain by the volunteers who recently travelled to Guinea.

Arcel has a Burkitt linfoma, a very aggressive illness that can be cured with the correct treatment. In Guinea there are no human or technical resources to deal with it, and Arcel’s health was deteriorating day after day. His case was then assessed by the volunteers who, in coordination with the Spanish team, decided and took the necessary actions to quickly transfer him to Spain.

Currently, Arcel is in Barcelona, where he has started a chemotherapy treatment. For administrative reasons, he will soon be transferred to Mallorca and he will stay there until he is completely recovered.

Arcel has good days and not so good days but thanks to all the human, technical and economic means graciously donated and the implication of the volunteer team we can hope for more good days to come. The support of the volunteers, that up until know have always been beside Arcel and his mother, is a key factor to make sure their stay, that is expected to be very long, is as good as possible.