Attendance to an Auditory Verbal Therapy course

The Federation of Cochlear Implants in Spain (AICE) organized the workshop "Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT): A partnership between parents and professionals" during May 23 and 24 in Madrid. +QSalud sent the speech therapist Naomi Fariña, and Domingo Nguema from Bata (Equatorial Guinea) father of Lydia, a child with a cochlear implant. The workshop help him to continue learning the special care for her daughter.

The AICE is collaborating with +QSalud since 2012 when through Children Solidarity and García Ibáñez Foundation that made possible that Lidia Nguema received a cochlear implant. Naomi Fariña is member of a group who is preparing a trip in october to Equatorial Guinea.

+QSalud thanked Teresa Amat coordinator of the AICE Foundation for her invitation and hospitality during the event and willingness to listen.

You can see through the photos: Domingo along with Teresa Amat, Naomi Fariña and Hilda Furmanski.