Dr. Tecla Mangué studies in Barcelona

As part of our plan we are developing to train trainers, Dr. Tecla Mangué (pediatrician) was brought to Barcelona to complete a course funded by the Salesa Foundation.

During her stay, our +QS volunteers dedicated time and energy to make Dr. Mangué’s stay in our city a complete success. When she arrived in Madrid, Ivan and Loli met her at the airport to ensure she made her connecting flight to Barcelona. (Although it sounds simple, it can be a daunting experience for a person traveling outside their country for the first time.)

In Barcelona, Cesc and Meri opened their hope and received Dr. Mangué like a member of their family. Thanks to this family and so many others (Montse, Maria Jose, Aida...), her stay in Barcelona not only provided her with excellent training opportunities, but she was also encouraged by how warmly she was received and cared for by so many of you.

Thanks to each and every one of you who made her time so special.