First training scholarship awarded

As part of our Integrated Health & Education Project (PISE), +QS and the Salesa Foundation awarded the first scholarship to a Guinean doctor to bring her to Barcelona for further training.

During her stay, she attended an audiology course (paid for by the Foundation), participated in pediatric rounds and has been learning to treat patients undergoing anticoagulant therapy so she can treat heart patients who have been treated in the International Medical Assistance Project (PAMI) in Equatorial Guinea. The audiology course, which she attended with our speech therapist and +Qwords project manager, is vital to the further development of this project that serves deaf children in Guinea. This has been a very positive experience. Another seed has been planted and we are confident it will bear much fruit.

In the photos, Dr. Tecla Mangué appears with the work team including Dr. Enrique Perelló Scherdel (Otolaryngology professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona and head of Otolaryngology at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital), Pedro Salesa (Audiologist, Audiology Institute of Spain), Pilar Diaz (Speech therapist, project coordinator of +Qwords) and Dr. J.J. Barajas Prat (Associate professor, department of Neuropsychology, University of La Laguna and director of the Barajas Clinic).

Dr. Mangué also worked with Dr. Carmen Climent (Pediatrician) in the pediatric department of the Urgent Care Center of Canaletas in Cerdanyola de Vallés.

D. Enrique Salesa Batelle (Director of the Audiology Institute of Spain and President of the Honor de Aelfa) and Dr. Enrique Perelló presented Dr. Tecla Mangué with a certificate of completion for the studies she realized.

Here is a video of the course: