Investigative trip to Equatorial Guinea

In August 2007, four medical professionals made their first journey to Equatorial Guinea to explore the possibility of developing health care projects to be realized through international cooperation. This group included Dr. Javier Martín (oncologist), Dr. Antonio Martínez (ophthalmology specialist), Dr. Olga Román (gynecologist/obstetrician) and Dr. Robert Memba (general and gastrointestinal surgeon).

During their visit, they met with representatives from the country’s primary health care organizations, leaders of the National University of Equatorial Guinea and leaders of various local churches.

The visit was very successful because the team gained an understanding of the real needs of people in Evinayong and surrounding areas, and identified opportunities for collaboration with local organizations. At the same time, the group supported work of the European Baptist Mission of Evinayong.

This trip gave birth to Project PAMI (International Medical Assistance Project) after the doctors met several patients with severe illnesses and diseases that could not be treated in Evinayong.


Evinayong Pastor Jose LUis
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