First +QS volunteer encounter held in Barcelona

Our first gathering of our volunteers exceeded our expectations! The number of participants was double the number we predicted.

The session opened with a teaching about compassion and its importance for serving others cooperatively. Each participant received an envelope with ministry information and a folder with five printed lines on the front. We asked everyone to recommend five potential new partners to us. We hope many of them who would get involved with +QS by giving a one-Euro a month contribution. We hope this initiative will be fruitful.

Robert shared in detail about our mission, vision and current projects; the work +QS does with other organizations and our plans for the future.

Miriam (volunteer coordinator) and Rafa Climent shared about being part of the +QS team. What they shared was invaluable to helping our volunteers understand the impact of their involvement.

Edith Vilamajó led us through a series of group activities to help us consider the most important aspects of service and volunteerism.

It was a very important day for +QS because we see this labor of love reaching more people who are willing to serve with us.

Many thanks to everyone who participated. A special thanks to our event coordinators, Abigaïl Sanchis and Miriam Salinas, for their extraordinary efforts. And thanks to everyone who is part of our team, who share our vision and who make it possible to achieve our mission!