Phase 2 of the +Q1 Seed campaign

As part of the 2012 +Q1 Seed Campaign in the city of Bata, and for the first time, +QS took portable dental equipment to Evinayong, where we treated about 100 patients. The number of people who sought out care overwhelmed us. More than 200 people wanted to be seen by a dentist! In Evinayong, and in the rest of the country, dental care is “novelty” because it doesn’t exist. Bata is the only place where people can get dental care, but it’s limited and very expensive. We thank God that we could offer dental care where it is so greatly needed.

In the pictures you can see:

The quality of the only dental chair available in the hospital. Obviously it is not useable!

The operating room in the Provincial Hospital of Evinayong where equipment and supplies we brought from Spain will be put to good use. Proclinic, Dentaid, Kern Phama, private dental clinics, and NGOs like DentalCoop and Africadent donated supplies. More than 80% of the medication, medical supplies and instruments were acquired by +QS thanks to donations from members and friends, Gift of Health contributions and other activities like the market we hosted in Barcelona in June.

+QS has achieved one of its most important objectives by integrating locals into our work teams, training them and ensuring a transfer of knowledge, which is one of the fundamental pillars of international cooperation.

Local coordinators participated in the patient training. With support from the +QS team they lead the activities themselves.

In Equatorial Guinea they speak Spanish but many people only speak one of the five mother tongues spoken there. The local team plays a vital role in building bridges of communication and their participation is an integral part of the project.

Anything is possible when people are willing to get involved and help others.

THANK YOU to the entire team!! THANK YOU to everyone who has placed their confidence in +QS to help us do God’s work where it is greatly needed.