Over 600 people move to gospel rhythm for Equatorial Guinea

The charity concert of Más que Salud has brought together three choirs at the Victoria Theater in Barcelona to perform a two-hour musical repertoire. The benefits of the event will be allocated in full to the cooperation projects that the organization carries out in the African country.

Más que Salud has gathered 633 people at the Victoria Theater in Barcelona, in a new edition of its charity concert.

With the motto "Let's move for the health of Equatorial Guinea", the Súnion, Gospel Soul and Gospelians of Girona choirs have interpreted a repertoire of gospel music under the direction of David Suárez and Karol Green.

The event began with an introduction by the president of the organization, Robert Memba, and an explanatory video about the training projects and the campaign Más que Palabras, which is one of the main initiatives carried out by Más que Salud in Equatorial Guinea.

Precisely, the full benefit of the entry will go to the development of these cooperation projects and health training in the African country.



Más que Salud fulfilled last 2017 its tenth anniversary. Founded on the basis of a Christian worldview, this organization specializes in the development of assistance and health professional training projects.