400 people are treated in the campaign Más que Palabras 2018

"As I look back and reflect on the path we have travelled, it only occurs to me that we are seeing the first buds blossom," says Project Director Martha Grayling.

Equatorial Guinean doctors have also been given the opportunity to expand their training, with stays in several hospitals in Catalonia.

Más que Salud has treated a total of 400 people in the framework of the campaign Más que Palabras 2018, carried out in Equatorial Guinea between January 13th to January 21st. Sixty patients were detected to undergo surgical intervention, 140 audiometries have been performed and 40 adaptations with audiometers were also carried out. In addition, a list of 180 people has been drawn up, of which a medical follow-up is being carried on their case and the adaption of their hearing aid.

The campaign was also for otorhinolaryngological training, a specialty that, despite the need, is not taught in Equatorial Guinea. During the campaign, two doctors, Santiago Abogo and Manuel Eyama, have also been trained. In addition, the Más que Palabras training program has made a qualitative leap offering Equatorial Guinean doctors the possibility of practical stays in the Catalan hospitals of Mútua Terrassa, General University Hospital of Catalonia, Dexeus and Sant Joan de Déu as well as expanding their learning in the International University of Catalonia (UIC).


The campaign Más que Palabras

The story behind Más que Palabras goes back to the year 2011, when a family from Equatorial Guinea asked for assistance for their daughter, who had hearing problems. Más que Salud observed this was not an isolated case but that it was a very widespread reality in the country. "This was a real need and more so in children," explains the Project Director of the organisation, Martha Grayling. "As I look back and reflect on the path I have travelled, it only occurs to me that we are seeing the first buds blossom" she remarks.

The project Más que Palabras emerged from this situation, as well as the training of local doctors, which is the core purpose of Más que Salud.