130 people participated in the 5th Charity Dinner held by Más que Salud

The event also served to commemorate the NGO’s 10th Anniversary under the theme "10 Years Sharing with Remarkable People"

During the evening event, more than 150 gifts contributed by donors such as RCD Espanyol, Codorniu and Port Aventura were handed out to attendees.

Más que Salud celebrated a new edition of its charity dinner on November 18th, 2017. Under the theme "10 years Sharing with Remarkable People", this edition also served to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the organization. Once again, the evening took place at the exclusive QGat Hotel in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), befitting as a stage for more than 130 people who attended the event.

During the evening, more than 150 gifts and donations provided by several companies and leading figures that collaborate with the entity, such as RCD Espanyol, Porta Aventura, Codorniu, the Ferrari driver, Marc Gené, FC Barcelona and small shops of Sant Cugat, were distributed, between raffles and auctions.

Domingo Nguema and his daughter Lidia were the stars and surprise of the night. Lidia was the first girl with hearing problems that Más que Salud helped. Both Domingo and Lidia shared their experience during the evening, which resulted in great joy and motivation for many other people. Nguema is the creator of the Parents of Deaf Children Association in Equatorial Guinea, a platform that resulted from that first contact with the family and that motivated the start of the project Más que Palabras.

The Nguemas were not the only outstanding attendees at the event but also Petronila, Natividad and Martina, three Más que Salud interns from Equatorial Guinea who have been training at the General Hospital of Catalunya.

The evening ended with the launch of balloons into the sky as an act that served to express our desire to continue working for a better world.

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