Más que Palabras 2016 campaign

In September 2016, a campaign was conducted within the framework of the ‘Más que Palabras’ project and made possible to build an otorhinolaryngology (ORL) center based in Bata, Equatorial Guinea. The campaign pursued the following goals:

  1. Organization and opening of the ORL center at the SOS Aldeas Infantiles medical center in Equatorial Guinea.
  2. Otorhinolaryngology and hearing aid assistance to those patients who had previously requested it.
  3. Continuing education in audiology and hearing aid for Domingo Nguema (+QS representative in Equatorial Guinea).
  4. Selection and evaluation of candidates for specialty training in ORL.
  5. Diffusion of the Más Que Palabras project and expansion of local connections network supporting the initiative.
  6. Search for courses of action aimed at promoting the ANSGE (Deaf Children Association in Equatorial Guinea).

The work performed by the team consisted in providing medical assistance, education and training for local agents and the actual project diffusion.

Medical assistance was provided to a total of 280 people, the majority of them were affected by otic pathology.

Regarding continuing education, Domingo Nguema carried on with the hearing aid training. We were also able to count on the presence of two Guinean doctors who have been trained on otic pathology, inner ear cleaning and audiometry.

Finally, with regard to the project diffusion, visits were paid to people and entities related to the NGO: the Spanish consul in Equatorial Guinea, the UNGE (Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial), FUDEN (Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Enfermería), SOS Aldeas Infantiles, the Bata Hospital, the hearing-impaired children school Manos Felices, the WHO representative in Equatorial Guinea and ANSGE members as well as other people interested in the relevance of creating the organization.