Fourth charity dinner

On Saturday April 30 at 9:00 pm NGO +Qsalud held their fourth charity dinner at the QGAT Hotel. With a record attendance, 190 guests gathered in the large hotel lounge to enjoy an evening of good company and many surprises.

+QSalut is an NGO working to improve healthcare in developing countries, especially in Equatorial Guinea, where the majority use Spanish therefore communication is easier. Currently the task of the NGO focuses on three major projects: direct care to patients, including the possible relocation abroad; the project +Qpalabras carried out in collaboration with SOS Children's Villages and Amplifon which assists deaf children of Equatorial Guinea, and the Comprehensive Health and Education Project (PISE in Spanish), which aims to improve the training and specialization of health staff in Equatorial Guinea.

Dr. Roberto Memba, president of the organization, headed the event, explaining past and present projects of the NGO as well as its future plans. He was followed by those responsible for each specific area. Ms. Engracia Puig head of Corporate Social Responsibility of Quirón Salud, who confirmed the company’s intention to continue their collaboration on the PISE project and welcomed doctors and Guineans EMTs to carry out unpaid training residences in hospitals of the group. Ms. Martha Grayling, treasurer of + QSalud, thanked for this collaboration and confirmed the good results being obtained. Dr. Guillem Viscasillas, Otolaryngology specialist and coordinator of the project + QPalabras, shared the good news of Amplifon’s sponsorship of an entire unit of this specialty in Guinea and introduced Mr. Obdulio Herrera, president of Amplifon Spain Foundation, who explained the origin of this cooperation and announced that a first shipment of material and medical equipment was on its way to Guinea and a second shipment ready to go.

After dinner it was time for the raffles and auctions, made possible through the generosity of many companies, foundations, businesses and athletes who contributed with their products and services. + QSalud wants to point out the solidarity shown by many shops and businesses located in Sant Cugat del Valles, which have contributed to project an image of a solidarity city among the attendees.

+QSalud wants to thank the collaboration of the following companies, businesses and individuals: Bimbalina, Wooloomooloo, Dentalògic Sant Cugat, Éxode Viatges, Hotel Qgat., Caldea Inuú, Bronceado y estètica Paytubi, Visual Cakes BNC, BiraBiro, Editorial Aire de Barcelona, El Món dels Jocs, Coton et Bois, Rouse, Sonÿa, Mooi Femme, Spa & Tu, Anyram, Arpali, Dr. Sergio González, Premier Sant Cugat, Codorniu, Sant Cugat Esports, Muy Mucho Sant Cugat, El Crack Casteller, Fundació Port Aventura, Chocolat Factory, Tània Juste, Maat Happy Yoga Sant Cugat, Camins de Vent, Les arômes Provence, Marc Gené, MGENE Racing, Martí Grayling S.L., Joanna Noguera Fotografia, Sacum, Smell me, Casa Antich, L’Antic de la Plaça, El Celler de Llibres, Reial Club Esportiu Espalyol, Medical Esthetic Group, Magdalena Pons, Kiva, Moisés Martínez Berrio, Coaching Games, Centre Podològic Nacher, Supreminox, Centre Sanitari Can Mora, Brownie Sant Cugat, De la Vinya, Imat.gemma, Institut Catalunya Àfrica, Marc Márquez.

The overall assessment of the event is very good, both due to the number of attendees and the quality and quantity of prizes, raffles and auctions as well as for QGAT Hotel’s service and staff. The funds raised will serve to continue promoting and consolidating the projects of our NGO. Hereafter + QSalud’s team will start planning the celebration of its 10th Anniversary that falls in 2017.