Evaluation of the trip to Guinea

A few weeks after returning from Guinea, with many vivid memories still alive from a world so far away yet so close, the volunteer team who travelled looks back over the experience and reflects on all the actions that were carried out.

The trip had five main key points: the two Congresses of Health and Medical Science at the Universities of Medicine and Nursing, the work with deaf children and their families and the support of the school Manos Felices, the meetings and educational workshops with health professionals from Guinea and Spain, the pastoral work within the evangelical communities in Bata and the agreement signed with Aldeas Infantiles.

In a short time, positive changes have been taking place in the Neonatology and Pediatrics services, especially in the implementation of protocols to improve the comprehensive care to babies at birth. To reinforce these progresses, there is a new trip scheduled for September, when a group of specialists in neonatology will travel to Guinea in order to carry out a one week training.

With these results in mind, we can only be thankful to all of those who collaborate with this project in any way and we look forward to seeing more doors open every day.