Third charity dinner

On Saturday March 21st, the third annual charity dinner of Más Que Salud was held at the hotel Qgat in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Almost 180 people, 30% more than last year, enjoyed dining together for a good cause and later participated in the raffles and auctions of about 70 articles and services donated by different sponsors.

In this edition, there were two very special guests: Tecla and Apolinar. Tecla and Apolinar are two Guinean doctors that, thanks to +QS, are doing a training stage in some hospitals in the Barcelona area and they shared their joy for the opportunity they have been given. Their shyness gave way to faces of happiness when, in front of everyone, they replied to the question of how they will apply all they have learned when going back home.

The other outstanding person that night was Sarah Simon, a 12 year old girl who, on her own iniciative, brought her piggy bank and gave it all as a donation. This act reminds us that solidarity doesn’t have age, condition nor amount limitation; it only requires an open heart and mind.

+QS wants to thank all the sponsors and attendants for their participation in this event. The final outcome is certainly positive and will enable to carry on all the ongoing projects.